Dear Sisters

A few months ago I read on Instagram a poem that bothered me. Its motive was good but focused too much on disunion, comparison, and trading in a weak man for a strong man. Additionally, it didn’t focus on a man’s ability to change, to improve, to become.

“Opportunity to improve” is a core characteristic of every successful relationship. Every man and woman on earth deserves the chance to improve, to become better. We all deserve a loving spouse to help us stand up when we’ve fallen to our knees.

Because of these reasons, I wrote my own letter to the women of the world. I hope it brightens your day! ☀️😊

Dear Sisters,

Sometimes your inner light will blind your prince.

Sometimes your spiritual strength will exceed his current ability.

There will be days you will feel alone on the throne.

You may feel sad, empty, hopeless, or afraid.

You may even feel like giving up your crown.

If this seed be planted in your heart,

I beg of you to stand strong,

Hold your crown high.

Shine bright,

Do not lower your light.

Now I concede,

Some of you may need to look anew for a man who can bear the weight of a crown.

Someone who will reign by your side in majesty.

Though this might be true,

Before you go down that path,

Remember these words:

Maybe, just maybe, your light will show your prince the way back to the throne.

Maybe, just maybe, your love will help him grow his muscles to hold his crown.

Maybe, just maybe, helping your prince become a King is the greatest thing you could ever do.

A Queen is a still a Queen without a King,

But with a King, a bond of unlimited light is unleashed into the world.

Together, your potential for good is beyond comprehension.

Together, you will build a happily ever after fit for eternity.


I, myself, and divorced from many years ago…I remain single, but hopeful for my King! It disturbs me that so many couples today either leave at the first sign of any kind of trouble, or else they have no ability to remain faithful. Of course, as I said, many couples…but on the other hand, many couples do work through trials, even times when they may not like one another very much…and they remain faithful. And this is beautiful and hope-inspiring. No one of us will reach perfection in this lifetime…but there are some real queens and kings, only in need of a little polish and encouragement…a little love. It is usually true that the grass is greener, not on the other side, but on the side that is cared for. Thank you for this lovely and lyrical reminder of our worth.

Shirley C Hester October 21, 2021

Orrrrr men could be adults who take responsibility for themselves and stop expecting all women to be their mothers. 🤷

Leah Marie November 22, 2019

This is beautiful. I know of so many women struggling to hold their head up and let their light shine as their husbands struggle to come back to their crown. Thank you!

Cam November 11, 2019

It really amazed how well put the beautiful descirption of the womens’ inner light is seen as. And to know that it is something for a prince to look into, and for a noble King to praise. It is really comforting to have a maybe..just maybe the light of Christ could help us get through this together..thoughts. Thank you.

Madelyn Gonzalez November 10, 2019

Thank you for sharing your insightful thoughts and beautiful poetry… Very inspiring for the aspirations of both men and women… It takes two to become the one that God promises we will be, if we love each other as He has taught us to love. Selfishness and lack of confidence interfere with the nurturing of love and affection… We are counselled to replace negativity with that positive light, that brightens our internal gift of love’s potential, to change the world around us.. We have been given this gift and we are privileged to nurture it into the fullness promised by the Light of Christ… We, as women, need to develop more faith and patience toward those we love and adore. Just as the Lord has shown us the way, and given us the programable mind, capable of directing our behaviors, to reach the most lofty and holy of goals… Love your poem, but I would like to see one equally complimentary to men… They also have their own lovable qualities that should be recognized and admired by the majestic women you emulate so eloquently… In admiration of your idealistic perceptions of women. Your Sister in Christ. Karol Harlan.

Karol Harlan November 10, 2019

Thank you for this reminder. I love it. Though, sometimes it’s true that I just want to give up my crown but God’s love reminds me of my worth as a person and as a woman. Thank you!

Kuhleen Mae Lozano November 10, 2019

So true!
Thank you for reminding us of our worth and potential to increase our light.

Maria November 10, 2019

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