Dear Sisters

A few months ago I read on Instagram a poem that bothered me. Its motive was good but focused too much on disunion, comparison, and trading in a weak man for a strong man. Additionally, it didn’t focus on a man’s ability to change, to improve, to become.

“Opportunity to improve” is a core characteristic of every successful relationship. Every man and woman on earth deserves the chance to improve, to become better. We all deserve a loving spouse to help us stand up when we’ve fallen to our knees.

Because of these reasons, I wrote my own letter to the women of the world. I hope it brightens your day! ☀️😊

Dear Sisters,

Sometimes your inner light will blind your prince.

Sometimes your spiritual strength will exceed his current ability.

There will be days you will feel alone on the throne.

You may feel sad, empty, hopeless, or afraid.

You may even feel like giving up your crown.

If this seed be planted in your heart,

I beg of you to stand strong,

Hold your crown high.

Shine bright,

Do not lower your light.

Now I concede,

Some of you may need to look anew for a man who can bear the weight of a crown.

Someone who will reign by your side in majesty.

Though this might be true,

Before you go down that path,

Remember these words:

Maybe, just maybe, your light will show your prince the way back to the throne.

Maybe, just maybe, your love will help him grow his muscles to hold his crown.

Maybe, just maybe, helping your prince become a King is the greatest thing you could ever do.

A Queen is a still a Queen without a King,

But with a King, a bond of unlimited light is unleashed into the world.

Together, your potential for good is beyond comprehension.

Together, you will build a happily ever after fit for eternity.

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