Look to God and live

We look to God by listening and following His wise and essential counsel. 

God is our father and we are His children. He wants what's best for us. He knows us by name and cares about us more than we know. But just as a toddler or even teenager doesn't want (at times) to obey their parents, sometimes we treat our Father in Heaven the same way. As we disobey God we're telling Him that we know (better then He) what's best for us.

I've done this many times to my earthly parents (sorry mom and dad, haha) and many more times to my Heavenly Parents. And in hindsight all those experiences have taught me this truth... When I listen and obey heavenly counsel I am happy. When I disobey heavenly counsel I am unhappy. 

The only way to live an abundant happy life, is to follow the commandments of God. But not just follow them, learn why those commandments are there in the first place. As we learn the purpose of Gods commandments, life takes on new meaning and fulfillment. Keeping the commandments is important, but it's in seeing the benefits of those commandments that converts us to them. 

It sometimes takes decades of growing to realize are parents knew what they were doing (far more than we gave them credit for). So it is with our Heavenly Father. He knows everything, and sometimes it takes us decades to realize the benefits of His commandments. So be patient and obey until you understand. Good luck everyone! Look to God and LIVE!! 😊

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