Were those Gods words OR my thoughts?

We hear questions like this often in the LDS faith. My response would be… If it's a good thought does it matter?

The purpose of this life is to think like God, to speak like God, to act like God, in essence to prepare to be like God (Matthew 5:48).

Over time as this transformation occurs, we won’t need God to answer our prayers as often. Or put another way, God won't need to lead us along with every question we pose to Him. 

Q: Why? 

A: The more we learn of Him the more He will trust us to make the right decision. We will naturally do what God would do if He were in our shoes.

Similarly as a child grows older, they ask their parents for less and less help. Not that the love of the child to the parent lessens but that the child is maturing and growing into an adult fully capable of making their own decisions. 

One of the traits of a great parent is that their children become great adults and one day great parents as well. The purpose of a parent is to raise a child, helping them become an adult who can stand on their own two feet. So it is with our spiritual growth. The more we obey God and learn of His commandments the more spiritually mature we become. We become a spiritual being who can stand on their own two feet. We become a being who gradually thinks, speaks, and acts like our Heavenly Father. 

Now if you're 30 years old, does it sound silly to ask your mom how to tie your shoes? Probably. Yet we do this all the time with God. Many of us are fully capable of tying our own spiritual shoes or riding our spiritual big-kid bike, yet we keep begging God to tie our shoes for us and keep our training wheels on. 

So... If you’re capable but are just letting your fears get the best of you… Punch your fears in the face, take off your spiritual training wheels, and make some turns (decisions) all by yourself! Practice, practice, practice. You can do it! I know you can!

Now with all this said... No matter what, God will answer our prayers if that is our desire. Sometimes not in the way we want but He will answer us. AND no matter how spiritually mature we become prayer will never be obsolete in this life. Each of us will need prayer (from one degree to another) the rest of our lives! All I’m saying is, at times I think God doesn’t tell us what to do because He knows we can handle that decision on our own.

Trust yourself! Trust yourself to make the right decision. Trust that God has taught you well enough to make spiritual decisions on your own. Have faith in yourself, faith that you will make of your life a masterpiece!

The purpose of mortality was not to live a life void of agency. It was not to be told exactly what to do at all times. The purpose of life is to learn of God, to live like Him, and to one day be like Him.

So lets get to it!

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