To teach, aid, and inspire others to become happier, healthier, and self reliant.


Driven Deep is your guide to a balanced life. 


To aid the Lord’s church in proclaiming the restored gospel to all the world, and raising an ensign to gather scattered Israel.


My name is Paul Moore, and I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Rather than writing paragraphs of text about myself, I thought I’d express in list format who I was, who I now am, and what I’m passionate about.

Old Paul

  • 270 pounds

  • 46 inch waist

  • 2XL t-shirts

  • Loved low grade foods

  • I drank water via soda

  • Hated working out

  • Only ran when being chased by bears

  • Low self esteem

  • $5 pizza’s were a way of life

  • I was addicted to many different foods

  • I was lazy, and lacked ambition

New Paul

  • 180 pounds

  • 31 inch waist

  • Small and Medium t-shirts

  • Love high grade foods (real foods that do not have man made ingredients)

  • I drink water via water

  • I’m over 7 years sober from my soda addiction

  • I run 30-50 miles/month

  • Because of my physical transformation, I've received psychological changes to my mind that have given me high self esteem

  • My goal is to not be addicted to anything in life

  • I hate wasting time and love setting goals


  • Running

  • Yoga

  • Eating super clean

  • Getting up early

  • Constantly setting goals and striving to achieve them

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Run Log

To see every run I’ve ever completed, from 2012 to the present. Click below.

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