Are you running too fast?

I love to run. Running is a joy, and a stress reliever. But when I started running, this was not the case. I couldn’t even run half a mile without stopping.

Now 2 years later, I normally run 6 miles at a time.

How did this happen?

Well, here’s my one sentence answer...

If you are not enjoying life you are running too fast!

Running is a worthy goal, but many give up even years later because they are running too fast. They’re running so fast that it destroys all the enjoyment they could have had.

Running can be meditative, but if we run so fast that the pain of our current situation is constantly our foremost thought… We will quit. 

Don't get me wrong, I've had moments where I felt I was about to die. But instead of stopping, I just slowed down. Those pain filled moments are necessary to expand the soul, but the calm moments are equally as important. Those meditative moments are what keep you going.

Whether you’re creating a running habit, or you’re trying to better enjoy life… 

I challenge you to slow down! 

Take out the meaningless parts of life, that just cause clutter and give no lasting satisfaction. 

Running at YOUR optimal speed is critical for living a life of longevity. We must remember that life is a marathon not a sprint. 

It is better to finish a race last (at a constant speed), than it is to lead a race but end up quitting because you hurt yourself running at an unsustainable rate.

Life can be a grueling teacher when necessary, but let us not make life harder than it has to be.

Let us slow down, and enjoy the journey.

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