Come what may and love it

Life was designed to be a lot of things. It was designed for us to be happy, strong, faithful, hopeful, kind, and many other worthy and worthwhile characteristics. 

The irony is, to comprehend and become continually converted to these upbeat principles, we must walk the pathway of trials, pain, heartache, struggle, and doubt. 

To comprehend love at its fullest, we must experience heartache. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. So the greater our sorrow, the greater our capacity is to experience joy. 

And because Christ suffered and die for all of us, He understands at the highest level what love really means. 

The purpose of this life is to act for ourselves and not to be acted upon. Rather than accepting our trials as the new norm, overcome your trials and become stronger because of them.

As human beings we are stronger and more capable then we think!

Life throws a lot of curve balls, so instead of complaining and finding pity from others, say to yourself: "Come what may and LOVE it!" —Joseph B. Wirthlin

To those who do this, I promise that a brighter hope and deeper confidence will come into your life. You will have a stronger will and the swirling storms of society will not effect you as they once did. Those who act for themselves and are not acted upon, are the individuals who will not lose faith no matter how wicked the world becomes.

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