How to kill a demon

Every last one of us on earth has demon's.

Every last one of us has our favorite sins to commit.

Every last one of us has experienced negative emotions that rob the mind of its clarity.

When I talk of demons I am talking about sins, I am talking about emotions that paralyze the soul.

When I talk of demons I am talking about evil beings who walk among us, beings that we cannot see but beings that are surely there. Beings who tempt us to misuse our bodies. Beings who want nothing more than to prevent us from returning home to our loving Heavenly Father.

In layman’s terms… what do demons look like?

Demons can appear in many different forms.

A demon can take the shape of immorality. A demon can take the shape of pornography. A demon can take the shape of anger, hate, medicinal addictions, impatience, or even bad eating habits.

Demons never sleep, and their sole purpose in life is to skew mankind's perception of reality. It is their sole purpose to make each of us believe we are not children of God with infinite potential. It is their sole purpose to make us feel like failures, to make us believe that the atonement of Christ does not work for everyone, especially you and I.

Why do people run from their demons?

What does running from a demon look like?

Running from demons is a tactic of choice for the majority of mankind. Whenever we are tempted by our demon, we choose to leave the situation that created the temptation. This removes the temptation, but does not kill the demon who created the conflict within. If you’re like me, you’ve found yourself in situations you should not be in. When this happens, running from sin can be a savior. But if you always run it will become a crippling crutch to your salvation. Running from your demon is a quick fix, but the fear you have of that demon keeps him alive.

Demon's feed off fear. If you fear your demon you will never be rid of him. He will always be given enough sustenance to survive on. You can only ignore your demon for so long; there are only so many places you can hide, until you must confront the evil that lies within!

You kill your demon by seeing him differently. You must see the evil the way God does. God does not run from evil. He is not afraid of evil. You kill a demon by learning the words of Christ!

For the words of Christ will teach you why this demon is evil and how he is killing you.

The words of Christ will teach you why he is attacking, what power he truly holds, and what power you have over him. The words of Christ will show you that he is weak and you are strong. The words of Christ will show you (from the outside looking in) how this demon is overtaking your mind. The words of Christ give clarity and teach us what is reality.

These words overtime will discipline our mind to such a degree, that we can self analyze our soul in the very moment we feel a temptation. Overtime the words of Christ will give us complete control of our mind, body and spirit. This process could take years, but it is a battle worth fighting!

"We never find out the strength of the evil impulse inside us until we try to fight it." -C.S. Lewis

Demons can only control your soul to the level that you allow them. When you are afraid of your demon, if tempted enough you will fall. When you no longer fear your demon, is when you have killed him.

When you can look your demon in the eye and be not moved, then you are the master of your house.

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