What drives you?

Life can be hard. Life can be one of the cruelest teachers ever known. 

But life cannot be evaded; life will always be there no matter where we go.

So when life knocks at your door… What will you do?

When life tears you apart leaving you alone in the darkness… What will you do?

What will make you rise again??

Les Brown said it best… "What reason can you remember, that you can call on, that you can reach on, that can make you get back up? Find that reason.”

It is up to you, to find a reason that will make you rise again! This reason can be a person, memory, or purpose. This reason must take your darkened soul, and ignite it again with passion, fire, and drive!

One of mankind’s greatest traits lies in our resiliency, our ability to never give up. But this level of drive can only be acquired when we find a reason to keep going no matter what. 

Life can be hard; but when life is lived with purpose, life can push man to heights never before imagined!

Now, if you find yourself defeated or are about to give up the fight. I challenge you to find a reason to keep going. I challenge you to get through today. I challenge you to find what drives you!

Finding your drive, is finding the light that will never go out.

So take today and find your drive!

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