What does a balanced life look like?

Here is my text book definition...

A balanced life is living a life of happiness. A balanced life is giving the proper portions of time to the various activities of life.

> > > Now here are examples of what (I feel) a balanced life looks like...

- Read the word of God in the morning. If you're not religious, read good uplifting books that inspire the soul.

- Meditate and dream.

- Eat a good breakfast.

- Drink a lots of water!

- Eat a variety of delicious-healthy foods.

- Exercise!! A key I have found with exercise, is doing activities that you enjoy.

- Go to work, so that you can provide for yourself and your family.

- Don't work too much. Don't let work become your life!

(Work teaches many wonderful and necessary principles that expand the soul; but if left unchecked work can be one of the greatest deterrents to living a balanced life.)

- Spend individual time with your wife.

- Spend individual time with each of your children

- Spend time together as a whole family.

- Have a hobby

- Have a weekly planning session, and go over your budget, todo's, and goals.

- Call people you do not see that often (i.e. parents, grandparents, lifelong friends, etc.)

- Listen to good uplifting music (music that is profanity free, and that has a good message).

- Do community service

- Do random acts of service

- Tell everyone you meet HELLO and that you hope they have a great day!

- SMILE! :)

Living a balance life is living a happy life.

If your life (currently) doesn't bring you happiness, then do a self evaluation. See if there is something you should stop doing that is robbing you of your happiness, and/or see if there is something you should start doing that could raise your level of happiness.

Living a balance life is a journey. Take it one day at a time. :)

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