Your past has made you. Don't let it break you.

We forget so easily the triumphs of our personal history, and remember too quickly the failures of our past.

When we have this mindset our present circumstances seem far worse than what they really are, and we have a higher risk of skewing our perception of our own self worth and inward drive.

We feel a molehill is all we can defeat, when in reality we have forgotten what true mountains look like. We have forgotten the summits we have already reached.

I have found, that writing down my triumphs is critical to my future success.

Writing down my triumphs helps burn into memory the demons I have killed and the Everest's I have already climbed.

The past has made you. Your history is the architect of your soul. Your present is the culmination of every day you've lived on earth.

But the past can only be a building block if we remember it as a whole.

If we only remember the evils and weaknesses of our life, the past becomes a plague that will cripple our future.

We must remember the trials AND the treasures.

We must remember the tragedies AND the triumphs.

We must remember our strikeouts AND our home runs!

Being able to see and understand the pattern of "weakness to strength" is critical for our future success.

There will be dark days ahead, days that could cripple you for years.

To combat this possible future, let us remember the (hard fought) victories of our past.

I promise you... If you can recall your past triumphs in your current moments of darkness, you will be given a light that will get you through any storm!

Your past has made you! Don't let it break you!

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