What drives Paul Moore?

When I am running up a huge hill, or my day has pushed me to the point of tears... What keeps me going? 

It's quite simple really... What keeps me going is picturing in my minds eye those that I love and will love.

Those that I love include my father, mother, two sisters, grandmother and uncle. I have a small family, but I love them beyond expression.

I also have a profound love for all the friends I had made over my 29 years of life. 

Those that “I will love" include my future wife and children. Being a father and having a family, is my greatest desire in life. No other goal I set will ever compare in importance. 

With that said, when ever I feel I cannot take life for one more minute or cannot walk one more step without collapsing... I picture in my minds eye those that I love.

I think about how I cannot let them down! I relive past experiences I've enjoyed with them, and think of the future experiences we will yet have.

I dream of the day when I will be a husband and father, and how I must prepare my mind, soul and body for that moment. I cannot let them down, I must keep moving forward until one day I become the man they need me to be.

Lastly I am a man who is spiritually driven, and I would feel completely ungrateful if I did not share the names of two more individuals... My Father in Heaven and his son Jesus Christ. Without their presence in my life, I would be a shell of who I am today!

For all those who read this post, find what drives you! Find what will pick you up when you fall down.

Find those memories that will ignite your soul when you thought life was all but hopeless. 

If you do this, I promise that those memories will be a godsend for you, and will get you through future moments you could not have endured otherwise.

Memories give life to the past, meaning to the present, and purpose to the future. 

Let your memories light a fire that drives you.

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